Update Time

Okay, so, Tumblr, it’s been a cool minute since I’ve posted anything. 

General update: Got my own apartment, my own job, my own guns, about to get my own land, and I’m close to getting my AA degree also. Thinking I’m going to get that, then work full time for a bit, then go back to school after I have my own land and home (and build a lighthouse, among other things) and that about sums it up. Thanks for listening.

If I were to die tomorrow, the world would lose a unique soul. If I were to die right now, the world would end.


their faces.

holy shit their faces.

they are basically saying;

“Bitch i will cut you.”

Stfu Kristen Stewtard.

Bitch, you don’t even deserve. This shit undoes your performance in “Speak.”

My road dog is a turtle!
Travis McBride

i love this book.

:D been ages since I’ve read a copy! <3 good ol’ charley


i love this book.

:D been ages since I’ve read a copy! <3 good ol’ charley


Sighing, I sit and trudgingly continue through the bullshit paper I’m working on. For Christ’s sake, I am an English Major that loves poetry and Shakespeare, why is this thing driving me insane? Fuck this noise.


Tumblr….I’ve neglected you…. I’m sorry…..

Let’s have a bit of make-up interfacing. I’ll supply the text, you supply the entertainment? Ok. I’ll also open a browser on Youtube, and we can watch some videos together, as I sit on my bed and you sit on my laptop screen….if that’s ok with you, that is….

those look familiar ;)

those look familiar ;)

It’s me! Thor!

Chris Colfer gave his HS history teacher a part in his movie.





Proof that Chris Colfer is a one in a million classy guy. All this fame, and he still goes back to say thank you to the important people in his life. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I will always love Chris.

ohmygod, and isn’t she the teacher that like, has Chris’ TIME magazine on her desk or whatever?

omg my heart

Oh my god, Chris. I am crying so hard right now. 

I went to High School with chris at CEHS. Everyone was a real douche to him, but I never knew him that well because he was a year ahead of me. I hung out in the debate/speech room and around alot of people he knew. I suppose I should have liked to be friends with him. It’s interesting to see fame progress from such a close point of view.


It’s always an interesting road, the one to discovery. Sometimes you discover things that will help you invariably all throughout your life. Othertimes it is often you unmask things that we wished that we hadn’t; harsh reality, unfair lies, slander, general poisonous schemes, and unjust intentions. Whether or not we are discovered on this road to uncovering is a continual mystery, until of course, we have been found out by others on the same road- seeking some mystery lying behind the next tree branch.

Naturally, I lay claim to many revelations and comprehensions that I have come across in my path. I do not, however, dis-acknowledge any being before me for not having found the universal truths set there along the milestones of living. I am merely a young man wandering by, and noticing sites that must be visited at one time or another.

In a way, I suppose it can be declared that the road of discovery and the road of life are one and the same. Both require the progression of a life and the acquired maturity and experience that comes with that progression. Age, however, has little to do with it- to be off on a tangent just one moment- seeing as experience defines the maturity, and both define progress. The calendary year is but a platform for life to take place on and a gauge by which relativity is considered. In one year, I have accomplished many things that some individuals take several to discover. I have found out who cares about me. I have been kicked out of a house and home. I’ve found solace both in whiskey and the like, and in the entity that our minds are. I have discovered the value of patience, the power of determination, and the utmost importance of adaptability. I have lived in three states: California, Oklahoma, and Instability. What sort of progression does that mean I have made? Years’ worth. All in a year’s time.

Tell me that that is not a mature and experienced outlook that’s farther along the path of progress than most of my age: 19.